About Us

Solon is a legal staffing agency specializing in document review staffing, global translation services, and permanent placement of legal professionals at law firms and corporate legal departments.

Our office is located in Washington D.C.

734 15th Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
202-223-2396 (Office)
202-280-1485 (Fax)

Solon Legal Group LLC takes a different approach to legal staffing.

First of all, we screen our candidates very carefully. One of Solon’s principals interviews every prospective candidate who walks through our door. We check the references of each candidate. We know, from experience, that there is great talent among the pool of temp employees. But that experience has also taught us that some who present themselves for temp employment do not meet basic standards. It is our job to find our clients the best the industry has to offer. Our experience leaves us uniquely qualified for this task.