For Clients

How much do you charge for document reviewers?

We at Solon are very competitive when it comes to pricing. It is difficult, however, to answer this question concretely due to fluctuations in the market. We can only assure you that our prices are always within market range. And our top priority is to form a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients, hence, we work to ensure that our prices work for our clients and for their clients.

How much do you charge for your translation/foreign language review services?

Our answer to this is virtually identical to our answer to the first question. We work with our clients to ensure that pricing is not an impediment to a long-lasting relationship.

What percentage of the first year salary do you charge for permanent staff placement & lateral associate & partner placement?

It is among other things contingent upon the other provisions in the agreement, including, for example, the refund time period. As we stated previously, our prices are always in market range, and they are negotiable.

How do you vet your candidates?

This is one of Solon’s strongest suits. Attorneys interview attorneys. We check references. Most importantly, we understand people. Frankly, you can either read people or you cannot. We at Solon ensure that the employees who do the vetting have the type of instincts which guarantee that we present you with quality candidates.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We understand that every agency draws from essentially the same candidate pool. But that does not make every agency the same. At Solon, we work very hard to review candidates carefully, to compensate them reasonably, and to treat them with respect. This leads to exemplary teams of attorneys which, in turn, leads to a successful review. We also are very careful to bill you promptly and accurately. In addition, we are extraordinarily responsive to our clients. We listen to what you need, and we deliver only that.